What is Ancient Future?

Ancient Future is a monthly event where hundreds gather in downtown Phoenix after First Fridays to embrace community, spark creativity, inspire dreamers, and encourage conscious celebration! 

Time to bring the ancient ways into modern society!  We bring to you Ancient Future!

Located At Live On Central 
Downtown Phoenix Off Central & Roosevelt
702 North Central Avenue 
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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What To Expect 

Every month individuals from all walks of life including the Desert Canvas Goal Getters, Dj's, performers, live painters, aerialist, political activist, festival goers, and spectators join in for this unique celebration.

Dj's & Live Music

This venue is beautiful and even more so with some swag tunes. We bring to you the best local Dj's & Live music in Phoenix and Flagstaff. Enjoy live music outside to chill out or bumping tunes inside to keep the vibe high!

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Fire Performers

Brought to you by The Flow Shop, Iocated in downtown Tempe on Mill Avenue. The owners Nathan Machutta and David Hirshman put on a spectacular show! You might have seen them perform at Munduzer music, arts, and adventure festival a while back!  

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Sonic Temple

Instead of grabbing an uber home when you are partied out, join us at the Sonic Temple to like down or cuddle with a special someone and relax on comforters, pillows, and bean bags while listening to singing bowls, gongs, and more brought to you by Bambukah. Then grab an uber home!

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The DC Goal Getters

The Desert Canvas Goal Getters are a community of ambitious, creative, healthy, and driven individuals all committed to living a balanced life by focusing on 10 key areas! One of the areas we focus on is having fun with friends! That is why every month we partner with the 2 Courtiers to present Ancient Future! 

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Aerialists + LED Hoopers 

World Class Aerialists? Poi Spiners? LED Hopers? LED Winged Dancers? YES! Arizona has some serious talent and we are lucky to have so many performers here for a spectacular show!

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Live Painters + Art Installations 

Live painters are a staple of Phoenix culture. Stand back and watch the magic unfold! 

Or check out previously created community art and discover something new! 

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Drinks + Food

It's no celebration without some beverages of choice and awesome food vendors! Enjoy a cocktail and get some fresh air at the patio or grab a beer and listen to some of your favorite tunes at one of the 3 stages. 

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Facepainters, Vendors, and more..

Just when you thought there couldn't be anymore there is! EDM musicals, food & vendors, facepainters, falaxy lights, looping guitarist, flow pods, and so much more! 

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What People Have Said About Us

"It was an honor and privlege to be invited to bring a unique art and energy into what I will say was the most beautiful experience I have ever brought my art into."

-Matt Kay - Tempe, AZ

"Hands down-the people. The people this organization brings together through their events continues to inspire and amaze me every day. We band together, pushing each other outside our comfort zones to enhance each others daily lives." 

-Sara Tibero, Phoenix, AZ 

" The culture and community of this event is what makes it special. It brings together all the tribes that exist in Phoenix to spark creativity, inspire dreamers, and encourage conscious celebration!"

-Todd VanDuzer, Tempe, AZ

"Absolutely loved what everyone was wearing and had to bring to the table in thier own unique way. Thank you so much for having me!!"

-Anthony Coronado, Phoenix, AZ

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